• Consultation

    Value engineering, constructability, life cycle costing, scheduling, environmental issues, construction management, testing programs, and building completion with turnover to the owners.

    The Eastgate Team will meet with clients to discuss their project and give the clients recommendations as to how to proceed to make their project a reality. The recommendations will address all aspects of the construction including design.

  • Pre-Construction Services

    The owner will be provided with a detailed construction schedule and an estimated monthly payment schedule based upon the completed work. A formal contract will be prepared that will include the total dollar amount of the project and the work to be completed within the project.

    The Eastgate Team will assist the owner’s architect in the preliminary design and cost estimation Phase of the project. With the owner’s concurrence, detailed construction drawings will be completed. The drawings will be used as the basis for preparation of detailed construction quotes for the project. Eastgate will use the detailed drawings to obtain all necessary building permits.

  • General Contracting

    The Eastgate Team will provide general contracting that includes completion of all of the work necessary to complete the project. The work will be completed by experienced tradespersons who have the proper training and (where required) the appropriate licenses.

    Eastgate will use a combination of employees and sub-contractors to complete the project on schedule. The general construction services include the direct project management of all aspects of the project.

  • Construction Management

    Eastgate will manage the entire project under this management system. Eastgate will not be a construction contractor but will do all of the management function for the project. New York State requires this type of management when State money is involved.

    The term construction management is used primarily with projects that are publically bid and the main contracts are all independent of each other. The plumber, the electrician, the heating and ventilation are not subs of the general contractor. The general contractor has no management responsibilities for the other trades.

  • Post-construction Services

    Complete all required maintenance training for owner’s staff. Complete Emergency Management Services orientation to the building. Provide a list of sources for all materials used in the project. Complete all air flow testing and test all life and safety systems.

    Eastgate will prepare all project closeout documentation including final cost reports, release of liens from suppliers and sub-contractors, punch-list resolution, final inspections and Certificates of Occupancy, completion of all “As Builts”, turn over of all warrantees, turnover of all equipment manuals, turnover of all MSDS sheets for materials used in the construction.