Our Team

  • Isaac Weinberger

    Chief Executive Officer

    As a master builder, Isaac is the driving force in the success and growth of the Eastgate Group. He is responsible for leading the Eastgate Group to the forefront of the construction industry. With many years of a track record managing multi-million dollar projects, Isaac is responsible for carrying out the Eastgate Group’s mission to bring a client-centric, streamlined, efficient and fresh approach to the construction marketplace. Isaac supervises each and every project assuring his customers the highest level of professionalism, loyalty and quality. Whatever the project may encompass from office buildings, medical and health facilities, to custom homes and residential developments, Isaac oversees and manages every step of the project ensuring the highest quality product and the greatest level of client satisfaction.

  • Jim Lewis

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jim has over 45 years of experience working in the construction industry managing large-scale commercial and institutional construction projects. He has extensive experience in the New York market specifically with Healthcare, Research and Development, Commercial, Manufacturing and Retail facilities. Jim is responsible for the successful execution and completion of all construction projects, ensuring that the Eastgate Group provides professional construction management services that meet or exceed client expectations in all phases of the work.
    Most recent projects Jim has been overseeing as Project Manager, the Monroe-Woodbury ADA Compliance, Construction Manager for the new Monroe-Woodbury High School, the Owners Representative for the Monroe- Woodbury Middle School Addition, The Owner’s Representative for New York State in the construction of the Centennial Elementary School in Roosevelt Long Island, Construction Manager for the new Kiryas Joel Public School. And the construction manager for Hudson River Health Care facilities in NY

  • John Mahoney

    Director of Quality Control

    John brings to Eastgate over 10 years of construction experience. He has a keen eye for detail, quality, and perfection. John joined Eastgate in 2017 and is responsible to maintain the high quality standards set by Eastgate. John’s duties include inspecting each job at every stage of construction to ensure quality standards are not compromised, and as a liaison between subs to ensure no detail falls between the cracks.

    With John on our team, clients can rest assured that their projects are built with the highest standards of quality and durability, and that their projects are built to last a lifetime.

  • Sol Mannes

    Chief Financial Officer

    Sol is the chief financial officer at Eastgate. Tasked with overseeing the company’s financial infrastructure and introducing, initiating and implementing key directives. He manages all aspects of accounting, analysis, reporting, process improvement and optimization, while also overseeing the company’s billing procedures and processes.

    He has held senior level positions in construction and healthcare organizations and brings close to 10 years of experience in accounting, finance, and process improvement to Eastgate. Sol receive his Bachelor’s degree in business with a major in accounting at Deamen College in 2013

  • Craig Benson

    NY Regional Lead Project Manager

    With 20 years of a strong background in construction, Craig has successfully managed an extensive range of projects including an array of residential, commercial, and religious institutions. Craig is a strong leader who motivates project staff to perform at high levels to meet project expectations. His duties include participation at the pre-construction planning phase, project scheduling, and coordinating all field operations. Craig has the ability to complement Eastgate Management’s mission of completing well planned, on-time, and within budget projects.

    Craig is a licensed Site Superintendent by the NYC DOB.

  • Hershy Fisher

    Project Manager

    Hershy has a talent for effective oversight and brings to Eastgate a broad range of field knowledge in both residential and commercial projects. He has successfully planned and supervised projects with great attention to detail and a focus on efficiency and timeliness. He has experience of organizing work plans, communicating between all parties and ensuring that tasks are completed above expectations.

    An able communicator and experienced multitasker, Hershy can pivot between, organizing meetings, keeping clients appraised of developments and sundry other tasks, as required. With improved productivity always in mind, he is keen to maintain a focused workforce and works tirelessly to go beyond client’s expectation.

  • Greg Wills

    NJ Regional Lead Project Manager

    Greg has over 25 years of experience in construction project management. Greg’s construction background include numerous residential, commercial, and medical facilities. With a strong focus on perfect execution and tenant satisfaction Greg is currently leading our commercial tenant fit out division. His responsibilities include developing schedules with sub-contractors, consulting with the clients, ensuring a seamless office transition into their new space, and ensuring overall performance and success of each project, building owner, and tenant.

  • Chaim Traube


    Chaim has recently joined our team of professionals as our estimator. Prior to joining Eastgate Chaim held a senior position in a property management firm with a combined portfolio of over 600 units. Chaim brings over 15 years of experience in construction and estimating. As our Estimator he is often called upon to handle communication between architects and owners to initiate the process of coordinating and direct activities to meet schedule and budget restraints. His expertise and knowledge are an invaluable asset to the Eastgate team.